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A golf hole is not as large as it appears. How many times have you hit putts that looked like they were going to catch the left or right side of the cup only to see the putt lip out? The reality is that the area of any golf hole where you are guaranteed to have the putt fall in versus lip out is much smaller than the full diameter of the hole. The Dead Zero Putting Disks are founded in scientific research and have been designed to be the optimal size for small target putting practice.

The disk size (diameter) is based on research combining ideal putt speeds (those that would travel 17” past the hole) with the measurement of an above-ground target. Referencing the graphic below, any putt that rolls within the target width (one that would strike the disk) would fall into the hole. Any putt that rolls to the left or right of a certain width, or misses the disk, results in a putt that misses the hole or lips out.

Dead Zero Putting Disk - Why It Works

Golfers can practice with the Dead Zero Putting Disks on any surface from any direction.  A putt with an ideal speed that either strikes the disk directly or just glances it slightly represents a putt that would have gone into the cup. That’s the beauty and simplicity of the Dead Zero Putting Disk.

Hit it and it’s in!
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