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Putting Technology Confidence

The Dead Zero Putting Disk is based on the proven concept that practicing with a target smaller than the actual target will help you build confidence and make it easier to hit the real target in game situations. There are plenty of examples of this across several sports and including golf already. Throwing footballs through a tire, shooting basketballs at a hoop with a reduced rim size, and hitting baseballs with a skinny bat are perfect examples. In golf, you already have reduced-sized club faces on irons and putters and reduced-diameter cups on putting greens. What you don’t have is a properly designed and sized putting target that can be used when and where you want.

You can practice with the Dead Zero Putting Disk on any surface on any green at any time and get instant visual feedback while you practice. Keep it in your bag or keep it handy at home or in your office. Practice on any area of the green and challenge yourself with different slopes and speeds. Although designed for improving your confidence and making more putts of ten feet or less, the Dead Zero Putting Disk can also be used for long-range lag putting or green-side chipping.