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What other golfers think of their experience with the Dead Zero Putting Disk:


“I found myself wanting to putt to the back of the cup.”Phil B., Pittsburgh, PA. Hcp – 6
”The Dead Zero Putting Disk is amazing! I used it for 3 days prior to my first official round of the year. Putting was lights out, especially inside 10 ft. Definitely noticed difference! Got around with 27 putts on the greens and NO 3-putts.” Rick V., Stamford, CT
“After just a dozen practice putts with the Dead Zero disk, the cup now looks huge!” David S., Denver, CO. Hcp – 9
“How could I miss?” John M., Charlotte, NC. Hcp – 4
“Having an above-ground target helps visually when practicing long lag putts.” Craig S., Philadelphia, PA. Hcp – 15
“I tend to get the ‘yips’ in the critical three- to five-foot range, but practicing with the Dead Zero Putting Disk before teeing off gives me more confidence on those short putts.” John J., Greenville, SC
“I feel I can be more aggressive with those key putts. Attack.” John L., Pittsburgh, PA
“It makes you concentrate more.” Joe S., Pittsburgh, PA
”I love it! I only wish there was a similar product as simple and effective that could help me with my driver.”Doug, Chicago, IL, 10 handicap
“Wanted to let you know I have enjoyed doing a lot of practice putting in my house (the weather has been so poor in our area it’s been hard to get out). I was finally out for 9 holes this Sunday and I must say my short putting was really good. I attribute this to the Dead Zero!” Jay M., Ontario, Canada


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Check out our first video testimonial from a dedicated putting enthusiast and a Dead Zero Putting believer – J.M., Charlotte, NC:

Dead Zero Video Testimonial


Here are a few other testimonials from our customers:

“Thanks for the tips. I used my new disk yesterday and really found it helpful. I also want to add that I like how the device is made – the sturdiness of it – and, of course, the size. The latter emulates the in-ground version of the tiny putting cups, and now I have one and it is mobile.”

Pat F., MN

“Eric, Mark gave me the putting disk. Thank you very much! I have been using it as a part of my short game practice and it is great. I’ll definitely be using it before college tournaments and I’m sure it’ll catch the players’ attention. I followed your account on Instagram and I’m definitely a fan of what you have here. Thanks again!”

Corey L., St. Bonaventure, NY

“Eric, I just received my Dead Zero Putting Aid. Wow are they nice. I can’t wait to get them on the practice green or on the living room floor tonight. Thank you very much.
I love the product and the service I received was impeccable. Thanks again and have a great week. Awesome product!”

M. Nasser, Michigan City, IN

“Dear Dead Zero Putting, Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about the use of this product. The concept of putting to a smaller target is not anything new. I routinely practice putting to a coin or ball marker on the practice green (who hasn’t?). However, the size of the Dead Zero Putting Disk is backed by statistical data. If you hit the disk, the putt goes in. It’s as simple as that. Visualizing the Dead Zero Putting Disk on the course gives me the confidence I need for those putts 10 feet and in.
The disk is constructed of heavy-duty material and comes in a nice travel pouch along with a ball marker. I would strongly recommend this product . . . just not to my regular foursome!”

D. Throneburg, St. Charles, IL

“Eric, The Dead Zero Putting disk was a slam dunk for our tournament. We used it as a putting green contest for our charity golf tourney. We added some flags to it and put it on the putting green. We made them progressively hard putts, 1-for-1 stroke of final score, 2-for-2 strokes off and so on. Made the putting contest challenging and fun. Thanks for the unique product.”

E. Hutchens

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