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Hello, my name is Eric Schmitt, creator of the Dead Zero Putting Disk. My dad introduced me to golf when I was 10 years old and I have been playing ever since. I’ve been fortunate to have played many great courses around the country, and to have had the game be a part of my life off the course as well.

I have organized golf outings for fun and for various charities and I have worked at professional golf tournaments both as a volunteer and as part of the tournament management team. One statistic I read that stuck with me while working in the industry was that golf handicaps over the last 20 years have essentially remained flat. This despite the fact that ball and equipment technology have made tremendous strides in that time. Clubs hit the ball higher, longer and straighter and the balls fly farther and are more responsive around the greens. The reality is that with all of these advancements, the ball still has to get in the hole and that everyone’s score really comes down to putting. The adage that you “drive for show and putt for dough” really is true.

Ask yourself this question – how many strokes could you have saved during your last round or two if you’d made more putts from inside eight to ten feet? The average golfer has at least 2 or 3 three-putts per round. That’s 2 to 3 strokes that can be saved every round just by eliminating three-putts. How many other putts from less than 10 feet could you have made? It’s these putts inside 8 or 10 feet that make or break your score. Think back to the last great round you played and I’ll bet you look back on it and realize that you made a lot of putts that day.  Whether it’s to convert a birdie putt after a great approach shot or to save par or bogey after scrambling on the hole, these putts seem to be the difference between a great or good score and an average or worse score. The same holds true for the pros. Statistically, the better putters rank higher on the Tour Money List than the longer drivers*.

Successful putting requires the ability to repeat a stroke and the confidence to do so in all situations. There is no ideal mechanical technique or training device to develop a putting stroke to fit all golfers. Look at the PGA Tour today or at the game’s greatest players in history and you’ll see a wide variety of putting strokes and styles. From Jack Nicklaus’ crouched posture to Sam Snead’s side-saddle stroke, and from belly putters to left-hand-low to the claw grip, it doesn’t matter how you stroke it. It only matters that you have the confidence to hit the putt you want any time and every time.

My product idea stemmed from my own experiences putting to reduced-diameter holes on different practice putting greens. After hitting several putts to these small cups, the regulation sized holes looked gigantic. “How could I miss?” was the feeling I had when starting to aim at normal holes after a quick session putting to the small cup. I found myself having better putting days after practicing to the small cups, and I have since made it a part of my pre-round warm-up routine or any putting practice session. The only downside to the reduced-diameter cups is that they are stationary.  You can’t move them to different locations on the putting green and you don’t have them at home. The reduced-diameter cups are limiting in their accessibility to different slope conditions and access wherever and whenever you want to practice.

My Dead Zero Putting Disk solves the wherever and whenever limitations of existing reduced-diameter cups. The Dead Zero Putting Disks can be used on any green, in any location or at any time. Their diameter (and patent pending design) has been appropriately sized so that any putt that strikes the disk, either by glancing off or a direct hit, represents a ball that would have gone into the hole. Hit it and it’s in.  It’s that simple and it’s that effective.

The best putting training aid is not one that forces a putting solution but rather helps build the confidence to make the putts that matter most – putts inside of 8 to 10 feet. The Dead Zero Putting Disk isn’t going to train you to hit putts any differently than you do now, but it will help you gain the confidence to repeat the stroke you are already most comfortable with more often. That translates into more made putts, lower scores and a greater enjoyment of the game. That’s why I am proud to offer the Dead Zero Putting Disk to all golfers. Ultimately, I hope I will have played a small role in helping you enjoy the game as much as I have had.



*There are more players on the PGA Tour that rank in the Top 10 or Top 20 in Putts Made From less than 10 feet who are in the Top 10 or Top 50 on the Money List versus players who rank in the Top 10 or Top 20 in Driving Distance.


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