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Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro Model

DZP-Pro_010-Web-logoThe new Dead Zero Pro model putting disk offers golfers the ability to accurately determine green slope and a true fall line when practicing their “money” putts thanks to a bubble level embedded into the top of the disk. The bubble level accurately measures up to six-degrees of slope and gives a true reading of the fall line on any area of the putting surface. Like the Original model, the Dead Zero Pro helps all golfers build confidence to make more putts inside eight to ten feet.


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We received a lot of positive feedback from those who ordered and tried the original Dead Zero Putting Disk. Some of the comments from the more elite players included a desire to know the slope of the green while practicing. We listened and have added a bubble-level to the top of the disk. Now anyone who wants to practice putting knowing exactly how much break to play on a putt that is sloped up to six degrees can do that with precision. The new Pro model is also great for charting pin placements on greens during practice rounds.

Eric JohnsonGolf Magazine Top 100 Teachers In America

Eric Johnson, Director of Golf Instruction at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, says, “Successful putting requires the ability to repeat a stroke and the confidence to do so in all situations. I tell my students who want to quickly reduce their scores and handicaps to focus on eliminating three-putts and to start making more putts inside eight feet. The average golfer three-putts three to four times per round. Eliminating those putts and making a few extra one-putts from inside eight feet can knock your score down by five or more strokes per round. I advise anyone looking to save strokes on the green to start practicing with the Dead Zero Putting Disk.”


The suggested retail price for the new Dead Zero Pro model is $29.95 and includes both a bulls-eye patterned ball marker and an embroidered pouch for storage just like the Original model. Helping golfers — make more putts, lower their scores and enjoy the game more. Ultimately, that’s the purpose of the Dead Zero Putting Disk. Buy your disk and improve your score.

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